Roasting Sticks Set of 8 by MalloMe

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  • Highest quality – It is the highest quality roasting stick on the market and that is owing to the fact that it was produced with the highest quality non-toxic material. This was why it was FDA approved it. This guarantees your safety and satisfaction when you use the product. There is no other product that can compare with roasting sticks set of eight by Mallome.
  • Safety – Another important factor you are going to like about roasting sticks set of eight by Mallome is safety. It is produced with materials that guarantee its safety. It is long enough, and that is to ensure that it does not hurt your hands when you use it to roast your delicious foods.
  • Durable – Another factor that makes the roasting sticks set of eight by Mallome great is the fact that it is durable. Its wood handle makes it the perfect choice for everybody including kids. It is lightweight, meaning that everybody, including children would find it easy to use it.
  • EBook – The roasting stick is accompanied by an eBook, which guides you on different things that you can do with the roasting stick. The eBook would provide you with all the information you need about roasting of different types of foods such as S’mores and others. With the eBook, you can achieve perfect roasting.
  • Travel canvas bag – It was also fitted with a free and heat resistant canvas bag. This enables you to travel with the sticks anywhere you go. The bag can contain all the eight sticks without difficulty. This means that it was produced for the comfort of its users. You can go to camp with your family members and use the stick as it would serve everybody.

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Product Description

Roasting sticks, set of eight by Mallome are the perfect choice. It is the best for telescoping S’mores skewers, as well as hot dog forks. Because of the highest quality materials that were used in producing the roasting stick, the FDA approved it. It is produced using non-toxic stainless steel material. The essence of this is to ensure that you enjoy safe roasting using the stick. It was fitted with two prongs, this helps because it ensures that the marshmallow or other things that you are roasting with it do not spin, especially when it melts.

Easy cleaning and storage are another factor that makes it good for use. It is good for camping trips and good for storing at home and can be carried easily to the camping ground. A bundle of the stick is eight in number; this means that it can serve eight people at a time. Other accessories of the roasting sticks include telescoping fork set, as well as canvas travel bag pouch, and ten bamboo skewers, as well as perfect marshmallow roasting. It also contains S’mores making guide and 10 recipes eBook.

If you want a perfect gift for your friend and family, this is a perfect gift for them. It would be appreciated by anybody who values high quality things. The sticks are guaranteed with one hundred percent satisfactions. You are sure that you would derive true value for your money. It is safe for everybody who uses it including children.

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