• Telescopic Campfire Forks

Telescopic Campfire Forks by Tapirus

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  • Set of 4 telescopic campfire forks – The roasting stick is composed of a set of four telescopic campfire forks. The forks are made from stainless steel material. This makes it durable. Because of the stainless material it was composed of, it would never burn your hands when you use it. Apart from that, it was insulated such that the heat would never touch your hands.
  • Extendable length – Perhaps, the most important feature you are going to enjoy in this roasting stick is that the length can be extended from its 9.4 inches size to an additional length of 33.9 inches. This is perfect for you. It ensures that fire would never burn your hands while you use the roasting stick.
  • Insulated handles – Another important feature is its insulated handles. The handles are composed of cushioned materials. This ensures that it is soft in your hands while it is in use. You would never be afraid of heat hurting your hands, because the handles are well insulated. This safety factor is what people look out for in roasting sticks.
  • Safety caps – Another safety feature imbedded in the roasting stick is the safety caps. You can easily move the fork about without poking you. This is good for kids. It means that your kids can use it without exercising the fear of getting hurt. This is a great feature, and this makes it better than similar products on the market.
  • Roasts different kinds of foods – This roasting stick is the best for all kinds of foods that you want to roast. If you want to roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and any other things that you think can be roasted through the campfire, you can comfortably do it with the roasting stick. It is meant with the aim of serving you better.

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Product Description

Many people opt for roasting sticks by Tapirus. It is a perfect campfire fork, and can serve different cooking purposes. It is easy and simple to use, and you can use it to roast meat of your choice in an open fire. Many families prefer it for the roasting of hot dogs, Marshmallows, corn and any other thing you want to cook with it. It is the most creative way of preparing your delicious menu. The roasting fork can be extended. You can extend it from its normal 9.4 inches to 33.9 inches. This means that you can adjust the length to suit your need.

You are going to enjoy very comfortable cooking with the roasting stick, because the handles are composed of stainless steel. Heat cannot be transferred from the steel it would never burn you. The handles are composed of PVC cushioned materials. When the fork is not in use, you can use the safety caps. This is to protect you by ensuring that it does not poke you. You can see from the description above that it is the finest quality fork on the market today. You are going to derive great fun when you use it. It is good for both kids and adults. It is designed for your best cooking experience. You can see from the features that it is the best of its kind on the market today. When you get a set, it comprises many things such as campfire forks, black carry case, and eight red safety caps and so on.

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