Hot Dog Roasting Fork by Hooley Dooley


  • Composed of a set of 4 – When you get the roasting stick, you are getting a set of four quality roasting sticks. The set is enough to serve small families. If you have a big family, you might do with two to three sets. Each stick has a wooden handle and a hand tie. This is to make it convenient for your use. The wooden handles are strong.
  • Carrying bag – Secondly, you notice that the roasting stick is accompanied by a carrying bag. This is to make it easy to carry about. This means that you can always use it as you go. You can conveniently camp with the sticks because it is easy to carry. The bags enhance its storage. You can lay it flat on the floor, or you can hang it if you like to do that.
  • It is extendable – The third feature is that it is extendable. This means that you either increase or decrease the length. This is an advantage. If you want to stay a bit away from your roasting fire, you can extend the length. If on the other hand you want to be closer to the fire, you can decrease the length.
  • Durable – You would notice that the roasting stick is durable. This is attributed to the high quality chrome materials used in producing the roasting stick. Chrome materials ensure that it does not damage or bend easily unlike similar products on the market. If you are looking for a high quality roasting stick that can serve you for a long time, you have to opt for this roasting stick.
  • Money back guarantee – The product offers you one hundred percent money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its efficiency. You are sure that it would serve you because it was produced with the highest quality materials available in the industry. This means that there is nothing to lose by using the product; you can be reformed if you were not satisfied.

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The best quality-roasting stick that you can lay your hands on the market today is the Hot Dog forks extendable roasting stick by Hooley Dooley. The sticks are composed of a set of four, and it is the best for your roasting fork, BBQ and other types of foods. The roasting stick as said is extendable; this means that you can increase the length. This is feature makes it superior to other products on the market. To extend it, you simply need to slide it. If you want to collapse it, you can slide it in the same way it was extended.

It is simple and easy to move it about, because it is accompanied by carrying bag. The bag is very strong, and that is why it is very durable. You can lay it flat if you like. You can equally hang it. Most families prefer this brand for their camping purposes. For your toast, marshmallow, as well as sausages, and several others, this is the brand for you. The roasting sticks are made from the finest quality chrome materials. This makes it easy and simple to use and clean.

Everybody who uses the product would like it. Even if you do not like the roasting stick, the producers guarantee you one hundred percent money back refund. The set is four in number and it is sufficient for small families. It is safe to use, because of the length. You are sure that it would never burn your hands when you use it. Even if you have children, it is the best for them, as it guarantees their safety.

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